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Tune into ARY News (Sky 736) now to transform the lives of families in Pakistan, providing water wells, solar electricity, and drought-resistant livelihoods on this blessed 25th night of Ramadan.

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Tune in to ARY News on Sky 736 now. On this blessed 25th night of Ramadan, our appeal is raising funds to transform some of the most marginalised villages in Tharparkar, where years of water shortages have decimated crops, livestock and livelihoods.

£1,000 – Transform a community. Provide 40 people with access to clean water, a livelihood, electricity, latrines, and clean water. 100% Zakat applicable.

£770 - Install a deep water well.

£350 - will provide a Ramadan food parcel to 5 families in Pakistan, giving them iftar for the whole month.

£70 - will provide a nutritious Ramadan food parcel to last a family the whole month.

Through this sustainable and environmentally-friendly project, you’ll be helping us to provide a village of 1,000 people with a solar-powered water pump, water supply system and street lighting system. You’ll provide drought-resistant farming tools and training, livestock, and hygiene facilities, so that every single family in the village is able make a living, move around in safe, well-lit paths, and have access to clean water and latrines.

Allah has made us custodians of the Earth – and we must protect the Ummah who lives upon it, and the beauty and sustainability of nature that Allah has provided us.

“The Earth is green and beautiful, and God has appointed you his stewards over it.” (Muslim)

Support this project and reap the multiplied blessings of Ramadan, as well as the ongoing reward of Sadaqah Jariyah. Every time a person benefits from the clean water, livestock, or electricity that you’ve provided, that will be your blessed legacy.

Human Appeal has been working in Pakistan for nearly 15 years. Our recent work includes transforming lives for 6,800 people across six drought-hit farming communities. We provided livestock vaccination and management training, 120 widows received livestock and improved access to livelihood opportunities. We provided health training to 1,500 vulnerable women and children, as well as nutritional supplements to 600 of the most vulnerable. We also supported 1,900 students and teachers through improving schools and teacher training.

Now is the time to give.

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100% Zakat

Donate your Zakat through Human Appeal this Ramadan, safe in the knowledge that 100% of your donation will go directly to where it is most needed when you tick the Gift Aid box at checkout.

We’ve been delivering Zakat for 29 years – that means we have an incredible amount of experience, resources, and expertise to call on. It’s what allows us to minimize costs, and maximise impact.

Even now, 29 years later, we’re honoured and humbled by every single donation we receive. Zakat is a pillar of our faith, and that’s something we take with utmost care and importance. We’ve worked extremely hard to design Zakat-applicable projects that meet the needs of the most vulnerable communities, and that help you to seek Allah’s blessings.

Those who spend their wealth [in Allah 's way] by night and by day, secretly and publicly - they will have their reward with their Lord. And no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve. (Quran 2:274)

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Now is the time to transform the lives of families in Pakistan. Give now to multiply your impact, and reward.

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