Live Appeal: One donation will change lives

Somalia baby and orphaned little boy

Join us live on Islam Channel tonight from 8.00pm onwards for one live appeal which will change lives.

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Live Appeal: One donation will change lives

Get ready for Ramadan by tuning in to Islam Channel on Sky 272 or Virgin 838 tonight from 8 p.m. onwards.

We’ll be raising money for Little Human Appeal, which gives you the chance to sponsor orphaned children in eight countries, and for our Feed the Fasting campaign, which provides nutritious food to vulnerable people throughout Ramadan.

Last year your donations helped over 3 million people. Last year you provided 63,149 families with food to last the month of Ramadan, as well as 35,251 further hot and cold iftars. With your support, our Little Human Appeal continued to support 11,959 orphaned children.

Help us reach more this year.

How you can help

Feed the Fasting

£70 - provides a nutritious food parcel to a family of between five - seven people, which will last them the entire month of Ramadan. We will be delivering these in eight countries; each parcel is adapted to local preferences, and weighs an average of 50 kilograms.

£150 Double your rewards. Feed a Palestinian family of between five - seven people for a month with fresh food and secure a future for farmers in Palestine.

£700 - provides food parcels to ten families this Ramadan, multiplying the rewards of this blessed, holy month.

Little Human Appeal

£35/monthprovides sponsorship to an orphaned child. Help the most vulnerable among us receive the right start in life, with one-to-one sponsorship that supports food, clothes and educational costs.

£420sponsors an orphaned child for the entire year.

£1,260sponsors three orphaned children for a whole year.

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One to watch

Tune in tonight – we’ll be live all evening, telling you how your money can make a difference. Do you want to get in the spirit of Ramadan? Donate to vulnerable people? Multiply your blessings in the upcoming holy month?

Then join our presenters, Rahim Jung and Zaheer Khan, as they share real stories from people in need - those escaping conflict and living in poverty who will benefit from your donations.